About RG - Tim Revel

At 28 years of age and over a decade of experience in graphic design, printing, signs, banners and much more, Tim can take on your most important projects and help create something with a great deal of impact. Combined with a lifetime of artistic abilities, Tim can add to your ideas and produce impressive works sure to grab the attention of your audience or target market. Known as a honest person throughout Lexington, Richmond, Nicholasville and surrounding communities in Kentucky, Tim will take every step necessary to provide you with the best value, the highest quality and the highest level of service. The difference is a will to produce something great with care put into every graphic design project, DVD production, print project and for all services provided. Evidence is shown in the quality of finished works, past or present. Tim Revel will walk the talk, so to speak.

Current clients are the voices for advertisement in which Tim Revel relys upon. Likewise, most clients are frequent flyers eager to tell about their projects and the overall experience. Tim Revel takes pride in every production, as well as the opportunity to make a business friend out of each client. Through his eyes, people are not to be taken for granted and equally deserve the best of care. Offering many services, just ask and if it can be done, Tim can get it done 99% of the time. However, if your need(s) merit something Tim cannot produce, assistance will be given free of charge to help find a way to get your project completed. One given the opportunity, Revman Graphics will go to work for you. The thoughts of each project opening the door to many returns as well as mention to fellow business associates are always on Tim's mind.

Tim Revel [the digital handyman] wants to help in every way with your most important projects. Contact Tim and see the many ways he can assist. From family projects such as invitations to memory preservation ideas, business stationary to flyers, together we'll make a impact like never before. Virtually any need can be developed digitally with the help and artistic influence of Revman Graphics. FREE local delivery to your business or home is as an added value just to save you time. Call Tim Revel today at (502) 319-2050 or email Tim right now by clicking on the card below: