Your Personalized DVDs:

  1. "The Next Level" Slide Show
    Imagine your Mother's 80th birthday celebration with a personalized DVD slideshow of her life from birth until this great day. I can see an old drive-in theatre with the 50's cars, props and setting, complete with animation and sound. Suddenly, on the big screen, film flashes by showing an introductory preview of Mother when she was a child getting older. This would be the loop, like at the beginning of any DVD - personallized just for her. Once selecting the DVD options we would create, "the next level" slideshow would begin. Effects added from pages turning to simply fading to the next picture, complete with music of your choice playing in sequence. Film could be added (if digital/if desired). Where could our production go from here? Your imagination and Mother's history tells the story. I'll help bring it to life digitally.
  2. "A Deminsion Added" Wedding
    As the curtins open and the credits roll, your digital video can be edited, adding introductory statements or credits and music. We can edit the footage as necessary deleting or moving scenes, whatever we like to dress up the footage. From exiting the dressing room to cutting the cake and what happens next, this will definately be "a deminsion added" to your wedding.

  3. Your "Music Video"
    Your performing Saturday night, the usual gig. Let's take it to another level capturing your band on film. Schedule a meeting with Tim Revel to film (or use your digital footage you have now) and edit your video. Introductory segments, behind the scenes with the band, special thanks to supporters and fans, whatever you like... With a little insight and creativity, you can send your "music video" to all of your friends and family - or submit it to producers and sell duplications at the next gig.